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Serving the Greater Kansas City Area


Serving the Greater Kansas City Area


Call MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling for Preventative Generator Maintenance Services in Kansas City, MO

While it’s important to have a backup generator in our area, the hope is that you will be using your generator infrequently. Unfortunately, when generators sit, they can become coated with dirt and dust, and the fuel line may develop some issues. As such, it’s important to schedule bi-annual maintenance for your generator so that it will run when you need it most. Homeowners can do their part by running their generator every couple of months, but maintenance should always be left to trained professionals, like the ones at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling. Our experts will cover your entire generator front to back to make sure it’s in the best shape possible, as well as its connection to your electrical panel. No one wants to find out during a power outage that their generator needed maintenance, so get ahead of yours and call our experts today!

MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling provides preventative generator maintenance services in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What Happens During a Generator Maintenance Appointment?

When a MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling specialist performs maintenance on your backup generator in Kansas City, MO, it isn’t a quick once–over of the unit; it is a full tune–up that includes cleaning, lubrication, inspection and system checks. Typical tasks include:

  • An oil change
  • Air filter change
  • Check of all electrical components, including wiring,
  • Check of all connections
  • Performance testing

All moving parts will be properly lubricated and any dirt, dust and debris will be cleaned from the unit to ensure optimal operation. If any issues are discovered that require repair, you’ll be alerted immediately so you can schedule a repair appointment.

Can I Do Maintenance Myself?

For an in–depth maintenance appointment, it’s important to always call one of our experts. But there is something you can do every month or so, and that’s run your generator for about 20 minutes. Just as you would start an unused car weekly to keep the battery charged, you want to run your backup generator to make sure the system can do its job. Look for signs of potential problems, such as strange sounds, abnormal odors, poor operation or an inability to power your home adequately. If you do find any kind of issue, call our experts and schedule a repair appointment.

Does Maintenance Differ Will Fuel Type?

Some homeowners have concerns that certain fuel types may be more problematic than others when it comes to maintenance of their system. Where the difference comes with fuels is cleanliness: some fuels burn more cleanly than others. For instance, gas is the cleanest–burning fuel of all fossil fuels; as such, there won’t be a lot of mess to clean up. Propane is also quite clean, but not as clean as natural gas. Diesel will be the least–clean fuel, so your technician will likely have more work to do during a maintenance appointment if this is the fuel your generator uses.