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Why We Recommend You Install Whole-House Surge Protection

Monday, May 9th, 2016

You probably already have some protection in place to defend important devices in your house from a sudden voltage surge. Power strips for computers, entertainment systems, and other expensive electronic appliances are important precautions to have in place to see that these devices don’t receive damage if there’s a power surge in your home.

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Now Is the Time to Install a Whole-House Electrical Surge Protector!

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Last year we looked into the problem of voltage spikes in a home (i.e. electrical power surges). These can happen because of catastrophic events such as a lightning strike or a downed power line. But they can also come from more mundane sources, including large appliances in the home placing an increased demand on the electrical system, or errors at the local power plant. The important part is to see that your house is prepared for any size voltage spike at all times. The average power strip you use for your precision appliances like computers provides one level of protection, but it won’t be enough to deal with all types of surges. You need the best guard possible against surges for your home.

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It’s Not Just Lightning: Why You Need Surge Protection for Your Home

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

When people think about power surges endangering the electronic items in their home, the image that almost immediately leaps to mind is a lightning bolt striking the ground and causing all the lights in the house to burn bright for a second before everything drops into darkness. It’s a dramatic picture, but it’s not quite the reality. Yes, a lightning strike can cause severe damage to a residential electrical system, but there are other, more common causes for power surges, a.k.a voltage spikes.

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