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Signs That You Should Switch to Ductless Heating

Monday, March 4th, 2019

woman-operating-ductless-unitIf you’re like most people, then you probably have a furnace as your main heating system. That’s just an assumption based on statistics—furnaces are one of the most common heaters in the country.

If that’s true, then that means you’ve been relying on ducts to distribute hot air through your home. This is one of the best ways to supply your entire home with heating, but it does have some drawbacks. Instead of having to tell you what those drawbacks are directly, see if you can relate with any of the following scenarios:

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Time to Get Your Heater Checked

Monday, September 4th, 2017

heating-maintenance-inspectionLabor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, and while we likely have a number of hot days still in front of us, the cooler temperatures of fall will be here before we know it. Before that happens, it pays to get a trained technician out to your house for regular fall maintenance for your heater. It could make a big difference when it comes to keeping your home comfortable this fall.

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Tips for Installing Ductless AC Systems

Monday, June 26th, 2017

ductless-air-conditionerDuctless cooling systems and other types of alternate air conditioning can be a huge benefit to the right home. There are a fair number of households in our area built before the advent of air conditioning, or otherwise unable to support the ducts required by a central air conditioning system. Ductless mini-splits get around that issue, as well as allowing for a finer level of control over the cooling power in your house. Not only can you set different temperatures in different parts of the home to suit your tastes, but by turning off the air in unused parts of the home while running it in inhabited parts, you can cut down on your cooling bills considerably.

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How Do UV Air Purifiers Help Your Home?

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Spring is in the air, and with it comes a host of problems associated with the spring. Allergens choke the air, pollen counts increase, and the rains give rise to mold and bacteria infestation. That can spell big trouble for your household, and unfortunately, these aren’t threats you can prevent simply by locking the door and shutting the windows.

On the other hand, an  HVAC technician can install a UV air purifier in your air conditioning system. It will keep your home protected from biological contaminants and help your family enjoy a healthier and happier spring. Here’s how it all works.

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Is Professional Generator Installation Necessary?

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Generators_iStock_000024890354_XXXLargeYou may be worried about the safety and health of your family in the case of a long-term power outage to your house this winter. A loss of electrical power during a winter storm can mean serious indoor discomfort. If there are people in your home who depend on powered medical equipment, a loss of power can even be life-threatening. Many residents of Overland Park, KS use a generator as an extra level of insurance. A whole-house generator, installed by professionals, makes an even more reliable option.

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Why Should You Have a Ductless Mini Split Installed?

Monday, April 11th, 2016

With temperatures mellowing out, it’s almost time to shut off your heater for the season and turn your thoughts to air conditioning. Perhaps you are considering replacing your current air conditioner before summer begins. If so, it’s important to know you have many options when it comes to cooling systems. One of these options is the Mitsubishi ductless mini split, also referred to as a ductless air conditioner.

Just as the name implies, ductless systems don’t require ducts to function. Rather, a Mitsubishi ductless mini split system serves as a heat pump. It pulls warmth from the air into the system and distributes cooled air through a series of mini air handlers in your home. In the winter time, this process can be reversed to provide you with heat. Why should you consider this as your AC choice though?

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As Winter Comes to an End, Think about Replacing Your Heating System

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Although we aren’t completely out of the woods when it comes to cold weather—March is proverbially unpredictable that way—we’re almost to the official start of spring. And that means your heating system will soon shut down for another long mid-year nap.

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Have You Reversed Your Ceiling Fans for Winter?

Monday, February 1st, 2016

We like to offer our customer ways to save money with their HVAC equipment around the year. Some of these methods involve putting in high-efficiency new installations or arranging for regular maintenance that will take the operating strain off your heater and air conditioner.

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Should I Have Safety Worries about a Tankless Water Heater?

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Now is an excellent time to have a new water heater installed for your house. You’ve probably been using the same water heater for more the 10 or 15 years, in which case you should take advantage of the newer water heating technology. Switching from a standard storage tank water heater—the basic model that people think of whenever they think of water heaters—is an excellent way to save energy and have a system that won’t run out of hot water.

Since most of our customers have concerns about the safety of their family, they often asks if tankless water heaters have any safety worries. Although any large appliance in a home has some potential to create hazards, in general a tankless system is safer than storage tank system. We’ll explain further below.

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