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Why You Should Schedule GFCI Outlet Installation

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

If you live in an older house that hasn’t received any upgrades to its electrical system for a few years, it probably has out-of-date outlets, such as non-grounded outlets with only two slots for prongs or outlets that lack important safety precautions such as ground fault circuit interrupters, a.k.a. GFCI outlets. You can easily tell if you have GFCI outlets: they have two buttons between the sets of slots marked reset and test. If you don’t have GFCI outlets in your home, it’s important for the safety of everyone in the household that you have them put in as soon as possible, starting with areas that use water, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room.

It requires the work of professional electricians to install GFCI outlets. Contact MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling to arrange for the electrical installation work necessary. Our skilled electricians offer a wide range of electrical services for the Kansas City area.

What the GFCI Outlet Does to Keep Your Household Safe

The circuit breakers in the electrical panel of a home are designed to protect the electrical system from an overload. A GFCI outlet, however, isn’t designed to protect the electrical system, but to protect people from receiving high voltage shocks, either directly from the outlet, or through electricity passing through water or an appliance.

The way a GFCI outlet works is that it monitors the electron flow from the “hot” side of the outlet (the larger prong opening) to the “neutral” side (the smaller prong). The electrons flow from the outlet in a circuit, running out to an appliance and then returning. If the GCFI outlet detects even a small fluctuation in the electron flow, it means some of the electrical power is escaping and entering another object, such as water or a person. The outlet immediately breaks contact and shuts off power to prevent further electrocution. Hitting the reset button will restore electrical power to the outlet.

If you have no GFCI outlets anywhere in your home, you need to give MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling a call right away so we can start by fitting them into the essential rooms. One of these outlets can save you from a dangerous shock from a hair dryer or other appliance in the bathroom. Our experts in all things electrical in Kansas City, MO are glad to help you with installing these important safety precautions.

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